Washun Taiki

Washun Taiki is located in Kitashinchi, Osaka.
At Washun Taiki, you can enjoy course meals of traditional Japanese cuisine and Japanese food.Enjoy delicacies that are individually and meticulously prepared by our chef using carefully selected seasonal ingredients.
Eight counter seats are available inside our restaurant, which allows you to experience the warmth of wood.Visit us to enjoy an immersive experience watching your food being prepared.


bowl food

Savor the flavors
of the four seasons
our Japanese

At Washun Taiki, we offer dishes that treasure the four seasons unique to Japan.Each season brings with it a variety of seasonal ingredients, which we use to prepare delicacies that are only available during that particular season.Enjoy our delicious flavors, born from the finest ingredients and craftsmanship, to your heart's content.

Taiki rice


that convey feelings through
the sense of touch"Vessels"

Sake vessel


Our commitment is not only limited to food.We use a variety of traditional Japanese tableware such as Kutani ware and Tanba ware.We meticulously select our tableware to not only complement our dishes, but also for the "feel" of the tableware when our customers hold them in their hands.

Monthly Course
22,000 yen per person
(tax included)
First part -
starts 6:00 p.m.
Second part -
starts 8:40 p.m.

・An additional service charge will be applied.
・Prices may vary depending on seasonal ingredients.
・The meal will be served at the time of your reservation. Please allow plenty of time for your arrival.
・If you arrive late, or leave in the middle of your meal, there is a possibility that you may not be served part of the course.

Example course
(7-8 dishes in total)

sliced ​​raw fish

bowl food




Rice/side dishes


We also offer a diverse selection of alcoholic drinks to complement the flavors of our dishes.We stock highly-ranked sake brands such as Jyuyondai aswell as rare bottles of sake.The owner, a certified sommelier, meticulously curates our selection, with a focus on white wines and champagne.You can also enjoy wine by the glass.




A relaxing space
filled with the warmth
of wood


The restaurant's interior is a relaxing space where you can experience the warmth of wood.We only provide counter seats, so that you can relish the craftsmanship of our chef right in front of you.Enjoy a special moment in a luxurious atmosphere with us.



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